About Tagg Running Events


Tagg Running Events is a family run business, which was formed out of a love for running and the desire to offer unique, low cost running alternatives in the San Diego area. We specialize in organizing personalized sporting events for groups, organizations, charities, and conventions. We moved to Arizona in February of 2005 and felt a great desire to continue what we started in San Diego.  There are many beautiful places to run in Tucson and Vail. We hope you’ll come out to one of our races…


Let Tagg Running Events plan your next race

Tagg Running Events can handle any size group, from dozens to thousands. We specialize in working collaboratively with our clients to create an event that meets your needs and your budget. Tagg Running Events can help your convention experience get off and running.

There are few activities healthier for the mind or body than a nice run along the waterfront. And there is no place better to run than the pathways along beautiful San Diego Bay. Miles of safe, inspiring trails combined with San Diego’s mild year-round running climate make our city one of the athletic capitols of the world.

Members of your organization can enjoy a convention-related fun run that would be a healthy activity and a cherished memory of your visit to San Diego. Tagg Running Events has enjoyed 10 years of success organizing many of San Diego County’s most memorable and best-managed community and professional running events. Our happy clients include conventions, non-profits, municipalities and community events. Our record for safety, enjoyment, and affordability is unmatched in Southern California.

Miles of the West Coast’s most scenic running pathways are within walking distance of most downtown San Diego hotels. Nature has done the hard part, let us do the rest! Tagg Running Events can help your convention experience get off and running. Please contact us today at taggrunningevents@yahoo.com We look forward to serving you!
Steve Taggart, Event Director